Curriculum Vitae

Mike Walsh
21 Caraway Drive

Telephone (Home): 01793 726646
Mobile: 07776 305845

Date of Birth: 16 September 1951

Married with two children.


Secondary Education:

Presentation College, Reading. - 6 'O' levels.

Further Education:

Reading Technical College - ONC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

University of Essex - Upper 2nd Class Honours Degree in Computer and Communications Engineering.


I have a broad range of experience in semiconductors and PCB technology along with Computer Aided Engineering Systems. I have spent a large part of my recent employment managing European Wide Technical Organisations. Presently I am a self-employed Database Consultant. My technical knowledge extends across most aspects of the Electronic Design Automation Industry (both electronic and PCB) and I also have a thorough grasp of all aspects of managing dispersed technical teams in these disciplines. I also have a good knowledge of programming and database techniques.

Employment History.

November 2000 - Present Self Employed Database Consultant.

I am providing a range of database consulting activities to a small number of clients where I already have installed bespoke systems for point-of-sale and warehouse management. This includes complete database design and development including GUI. I am well versed in file base and cleint server database tecnology and in particular it's use via the Web. I am also carrying out all software development of a sophisticated colour matching system for retail use.

March 2000 - November 2000 (UK) Ltd.

In a complete change of direction I took the opportunity to join as Northern European Technical Manager to set-up and run the technical department in this Internet startup. My tasks to date included building a small publishing team, defining technical requirements for Zland's ASP product range to be internationalised for the UK market, working with customers to define the construction of their web-sites, providing customer support in liaison with colleagues in Germany and California. In November 2000 Zland's next round of funding fell through and the UK office was closed as a result.

July 1989 - March 2000 Viewlogic Systems Ltd.

I joined Viewlogic Systems in 1989 as European Customer Support Manager, the first member of Viewlogic's support organisation in Europe. My responsibilities were to provide an outstanding Support Service to Viewlogic's customer base and to begin building a European Team to address this requirement. In 1994 I was promoted to Director, European Customer Support and had a team of 12 engineers located across Europe reporting directly to me. The product ranges supported covered a multitude of Computer Aided Engineering tools (e.g. Schematic Capture, Analog/Digital Simulation, VHDL Simulation/Synthesis etc.) running on a diverse mix of platforms from PCs to top of the range Unix workstations. The challenges that I faced on a daily basis were numerous but of particular importance was maintaining/enhancing Viewlogic's reputation for high quality customer support within the financial and manpower constraints of the company. This included hotline operation, training, user groups, newsletters etc. Additional responsibilities included planning and maintenance of European Corporate communications including email, networks (Frame relay, ISDN), PC and Unix hardware provision and Intranet services. As a result of a re-organisation of the European group conducted at the beginning of 1997 I was given additional management responsibilities and promoted to European Technical Director. In this role, reporting to the VP of Europe, I was accountable for the success of several technical teams within Viewlogic Europe. I also acted in the role of consulting manager becoming involved in quotations and project management.

1988 - 1989 Du Pont Pixel Systems Ltd.

I joined Du Pont Pixel Systems Customer Support Manager to run their support organisation which comprised a team of 10 hardware and software engineers. We were responsible for providing hardware and software support and maintenance to customers using the company's high performance graphics systems and other Unix based equipment. As well as building a rather disparate group into a well functioning Support Team, an additional responsibility was to improve Du Pont Pixel's quality and I was involved in a process of continual quality improvement as a result. I left Du Pont because the opportunity arose at Viewlogic which fitted my background and experience almost perfectly and was given the challenge of building a team from scratch.

1988 - 1989 Self-employed Consultant.

Having been made redundant from my previous company I successfully attracted business from both my previous employer and their customers to cover a period of about a year and a half as a Consultant Engineer. My activities during this time were varied but included: - writing three major pieces of software, two full graphical PCB interfaces and a bidirectional EDIF (Electronic Data Interchange Format) interface, teaching many on-site training courses on the use of PCAD tools and carrying our several PCB design projects. During this period I also gained much useful experience of running my own small company. I eventually returned to full time employment when a suitable opportunity arose since it was becoming clear that PCAD's direction would have led to far less work being available.

1986 - 1988 Personal CAD Systems Ltd (PCAD).

I joined PCAD as Customer Support Manager, the second European Employee, to set up their customer support organisation. I achieved this successfully, building a team of 6 engineers who provided both pre and post sales support to all of PCAD's European customer and resellers. This role covered both the management aspects of building and running the team as well as being directly involved in the day to day support operation. I additionally had responsibility for running the UK office. This included managing the administration of finances, employee benefits etc. In 1987 PCAD decided to relocate its operation wholly in Belgium and made the employees of the UK office redundant.

1978 -1986 American Microsystems Inc.

I joined AMI as an applications engineer providing advice and help to customer using AMI's standard product ranges. This position encompassed every aspect of customer use of Microprocessor, Telecommunication and consumer devices and required a deep technical understanding of the operation of these products. The position was varied and covered activities from general product presentations through to technical assistance with design-ins. In 1980 I was responsible for the concept, design and specification of one of the very first PC-BASED CAE systems to be developed. This system, called Sceptre, was used extensively both in-house and by AMI's customers to design with the company's standard cell families. When this project was complete, I was promoted to Director of Gate Arrays with responsibility for running a design group carrying out customer designs using AMI's family of gate arrays and also for running the company's entire gate array business operation in Europe. I was responsible not only for the technical aspects of designs but also for maintaining budget and timescales. With changes in the company's structure and relocation of most engineering activities to Austria, necessitating a down sizing activity of the UK operation, I decided in 1985, to leave the company and move to a somewhat different role in support management.

1975 -1978 Logica Ltd.

I joined Logica directly from University as a Systems Engineer. I was involved in many projects both software and hardware including on-site work in Holland for 1 year dealing with Telecommunications Software and another year in Nottingham writing automatic test software. Latterly I was responsible for one of Logica's first microprocessor projects which was utilised in a major telecommunications system.

1972 -1975 University of Essex

1968-1972 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell.

I joined A.E.R.E as a Scientific Assistant straight from school and was involved in many scientific activities within the Non-Destructive Testing Centre. During my three years at Harwell I attended day release courses and achieved the necessary qualifications to attend University.

Hobbies: Flying. I hold a Private Pilots License. Computer Software. I have carried out a major database project in my spare time over the last six years, implementing a complete point of sale and stock control system for a group of local carpet warehouses. This comprises about 15,000 lines of Dbase and Visual Dbase. I am also responsible for the development of all software aspects of a novel colour matching system based on a spectrophotometer.

Broad range of experience across the semiconductor, PCB and EDA industries. (UK) Ltd


DuPont Pixel Systems


American Microsystems