Curriculum Vitae
Software Perspective

Mike Walsh
21 Caraway Drive

Telephone (Home/Work): 01793 726646
Mobile:07776 305845

Date of Birth: 16 September 1951

Married with two children.


Since I have been heavily involved in writing software or managing software development during my engineering employment I have created this CV emphasising that software element.


Secondary Education:

Presentation College, Reading. - 6 'O' levels.

Further Education:

Reading Technical College - ONC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

University of Essex - Upper 2nd Class Honours Degree in Computer
and Communications Engineering.

Employment History.

November 2000 - Present Self Employed Consultant

Primarily involved in database development both standalone and Web based for a variety of customers incuding a Carpet Warehouse chain, a management consultancy and a collective buying company. Developments being carried out using Visual dBase, Active Server Pages, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP and SVG (structured vector graphics).

March 2000 - November 2000 (UK) Ltd.

Managing a group involved in Web site development using Lotus Notes/Domino database to deliver application services.

July 1989 - March 2000 Viewlogic Systems Ltd - now Innoveda Ltd.

During my period at Viewlogic I created several software utilities for in-house and customer use. These were written in a mixture of languages as the Viewlogic product line evolved including:- C, Viewscript, Viewdraw API, Visual Basic, Vbscript.
In my spare time I also created a series of software packages for a chain of shops near to my home. These packages all related to stock handling and control and were essentially complex databases with front end user interfaces. Written in dBase and Visual dBase these packages are in constant use today at 4 different stores and a large warehouse. During this period I also worked with the owner of this company on the development of software to create a powerful colour match system.

1988 - 1989 Du Pont Pixel Systems Ltd

Little opportunity to develop software here.

1988 - 1989 Self-employed Consultant

My activities during this time were varied but included: - writing three major pieces of software, two full graphical PCB interfaces and a bidirectional EDIF (Electronic Data Interchange Format) interface. These were developed using Pascal and C respectively.

1986 - 1988 Personal CAD Systems Ltd (PCAD)

Little opportunity for software development.

1978 -1986 American Microsystems Inc.

As an Applications Engineer I wrote numerous micro-controller applications in machine code. Also, responsible for design and development of a telephone call logging system written in 6800 machine code.

Responsible for the invention and development of one of the worlds first PC based EDA systems called Sceptre. This system allowed designers to create standard cell designs using a low cost PC platform. I developed the idea, wrote the specs, managed the entire development contributing to some elements of the coding.

1975 -1978 Logica Ltd

Responsible for development of hardware and software for major microprocessor project. Developed all code in Motorola 6800 assembler.

1972 -1975 University of Essex

Degree in Computer and Communication engineering. Studied Algol and Fortran.

1968-1972 Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell.

Wrote software (machine code and Focal - a Basic type language) for several scientific requirements including:- FFT routines, ADC controllers, experiment controllers, graphical plotting routines.

Flying. I hold a Private Pilots License.